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  • PO Box 6074, Stockton CA 95206
  • 209-259-0678


About us


So it all started like some of the best ideas do...

...with a conversation back in the fall of 2012 between college students. We knew we wanted to make a change, but we had to figure out where to start…first we wanted to create something to help other students that needed resources that were lacking in the community such as motivational and educational support. Then we wanted to create something that could provide resources to the community for those who wanted to further their education such as FAFSA and college application workshops.
As a result, over time--with many setbacks-- our conversation eventually came to fruition. It was decided in 2014, Three Seeds will start and perhaps change the world.
Unfortunately, the group of college students slowly dwindled to one. With that being the case, Three Seeds was run out of the founder’s home and car. Many resources given to the community were self-funded; with the purposed to provide when and where there is a need. To Three Seeds, there was no such thing as a stranger and throughout this process, many amazing people were met. Under the circumstances, many of Three Seed’s first volunteers were family members who were not afraid to table at events and talk partnerships with other organizations. This is how many grassroot organizations start.

And that's how Three Seeds, was born. We're very proud, and now you should be too...

Why Three Seeds?

When you are taught subtle things in life they are called “seeds”. Seeds can create things that flourish forever if they are taken care of properly.

There are many different “seeds”.
Seeds of Knowledge
Seeds of Change
Seeds of Hope
Seeds of Life
We focus on the seeds of education, employment, and empowerment.

To start with, the seed of education is constant-we are constantly learning. One will never lose the ability to learn.
Secondly, the seed of employment is needed to be able to sustain-whether it is working for an employer or being an entrepreneur-employment is needed to be self-sufficient.
Finally, the seed of empowerment, encompasses so many factors such as education and employment, that can empower one’s life. An empowered mind can never falter.
Notably, Three Seeds serves Stockton CA and the surrounding areas in the physical form in, addition, we serve the entire world virtually.

Cultivating lives is at the heart of everything we do, and we are committed to providing to those in need.

Our Impact

Some of Our Highlights


Our Clients are our top priority.


Services Provided in San Joaquin County.


We have given over 5000 diapers 2016-2017


We provide books for our parents to read with their children.

Never look down on some one unless you are picking them up.
Founder/Executive Director - Alicia C Perry