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Test Proctoring FAQs

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Do you offer remote exams?
We offer in-person and virtual proctored exams.
What should I bring on the day of the exam?
  • Please bring a valid, unexpired ID for verification purposes.
  • Bring any additional allowed materials needed for the exam.
  • The following materials are not permitted in testing areas:

    • Electronic and recording devices
    • Cellphones
    • Food and drinks
  • We encourage test takers to leave personal items at home or locked securely in their car’s trunk. We will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.
Will you invoice the educational institution for any fees?
Three Seeds organization will not invoice the educational institution for postage fees, courier fees or any other additional fees.
Am I able to make changes to my exam appointment schedule?
After you have made an appointment for an examination, you may find it necessary to change or cancel an appointment. Any changes made 24 hours or less before your appointment will forfeit your deposit.

Additional information

  • The student or the educational institution is responsible for providing an envelope and postage for exams that require mailing.
  • Three Seeds can proctor exams with short, sequential timed components including an online exam that requires proctor intervention.
  • Three Seeds will not proctor exams that require the storage of specimens or other physical objects.
  • All correspondence and exam instructions must be in English. This does not include the exam itself.
  • People not scheduled to take a test are not permitted.


Educational test proctor fee:
$75 per test (2-hour time allotment), and $25 per hour for overtime.
Professional testing fee (Certification, Real estate, etc. ):
$150 per exam (2-hour time allottment), and $35. per hour for overtime.

* Three Seeds organization will not invoice educational institutions.