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  • 5651 N Pershing Ave, Ste A3 Stockton CA 95206
  • (209) 594-1088
  • 5651 N Pershing Ave, Ste A3, Stockton CA 95206
  • (209) 594-1088




Support Groups

Lets get together and talk.

LIfe Skills

Basic skills to become self sustained.

Diaper Pantry

To provide emergency items needed for babies.

Gently used Clothes

Gently donated clothes available.

Many of us will face a time in our lives where our fundamental needs are jeopardized; employment, housing, health, or sustenance. When this happens, we feel it is the obligation of the community around you to help strengthen and assist you through those times. We strive to reduce socioeconomic barriers by providing practical information, opportunities, encouragement, and advice through phone, social media, and client visits to our office. This program individually accesses clients and develops a custom plan to empower them, including benefits application assistance; donations of interview attire, self-awareness and support groups, treatment and counseling referrals; and family reunification and parenting courses.

Furthermore, we believe that everyone deserves a second chance, regardless of their criminal background.  The goal of Three Seeds is to supply a variety of services to help recently incarcerated women start new, health lives.


OUR Services

Lets Cultivate and Empower.