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  • 5651 N Pershing Ave, Ste A3, Stockton CA 95206
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Employment Resources

Three Seed Org


Mock Interview

Interview prep-allows one to become more familiar with the process and provides feedback.

Resume Preparation

Resume prep. Resume Basics.

Resume Worskshop

Resume workshops-Class setting


Basic steps to open your own business-Class

There are other agencies that help the community with resume building and workshops. Due to the number of people in need, these programs are usually overcrowded and lack the hands on attention that one may be need especially if they have been out of the workforce for a while.

We offer mock interviews in which as soon as the individual arrives the entire staff is in “interview” mode.

We also hold business entrepreneurial classes and workshops, for more information click here.

OUR Services

Lets Cultivate and Empower.

Many of us will face a time in our lives where our