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  • PO Box 6074, Stockton CA 95206
  • 209-259-0678

We are all young at heart but there are times when you really need someone in your corner.  Three Seeds’ vision is to cultivate relationships and empower lives.

Empowering lives start here:

Are YOU Ready!?

Are you ready to step into the CAREER of your dreams!?

Do you have a small BUSINESS idea?

Do you want to expand your BUSINESS?

Do you want support to create a NEW Life!?

Our team is here to assist and support you to say YES! to all the questions above!



Non Profit ABC’s (NPA) provides a 4-week nonprofit start up program for those seeking to ignite their passion to serve their community.

– Financial Freedom! Program (FFP) provides a 4-week financial literacy program, for those seeking to better understand and manage their finances.

Three Seeds Empowered Living! program (TSEL) provides a 4-week life empowerment program, and post-training support for women who are ready to step into their power and create more confident and empowered lives.

 – New Heights Program (NHP) provides a 6-week program exploring financial literacy, employment readiness, and life skills for those who want to set new goals and explore new horizons for their future.
Our Business and Life Project (OBLP) provides a 6-week entrepreneurship training program to those seeking to start a business.
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We can bring programs to your organization or school. Please call 209-594-1088 or e-mail: [email protected]