Are YOU Ready!?

Are you ready to step into the CAREER of your dreams!?

Do you have a small BUSINESS idea?

Do you want to expand your BUSINESS?

Do you want support to create a NEW Life!?

Our team is here to assist and support you to say YES! to all the questions above!


-Non Profit ABC's (NPA) provides a 4-week nonprofit start up class for those seeking to ignite their passion to serve their community.

- Financial Freedom! Program (FFP) provides a 4-week financial literacy program, for those seeking to better understand and manage their finances.

- Three Seeds Empowered Living! program (TSEL) provides a 4-week life empowerment program, and post-training support for women who are ready to step into their power and create more confident and empowered lives.

 - New Heights Program (NHP) provides a 6-week program exploring financial literacy, employment readiness, and life skills for those who want to set new goals and explore new horizons for their future.

 - Our Business and Life Project (OBLP) provides a 6-week entrepreneurship training program to those seeking to start a business and juggle life.

- Vision and Action board workshop-collage workshop concentrating on goal processing.

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