Are you dealing with an anger issue? Constantly stressed out? We offer both stress and anger management classes and individual anger management coaching services at Three Seeds!!!

Acquiring new information and skills opens up more choices and options when responding to the things that push our buttons. As we gain awareness and practice more positive responses over time a new way of life can take hold.

We offer....

Weekly Anger Management Class (One hour per week for 8 weeks

Fast Forward Anger Management Class (Two hours per week for four weeks)

Individual Anger Management Coaching – On your schedule

Weekend Seminars – On selected Saturday or Sunday afternoons

Breakdown of our Classes

Weekly Anger Class TSO (8 Weeks)

✔ 1 hour per week for 8 weeks

✔Certificate of Completion awarded after participation

✔ 40.00 registration & materials fee paid at registration

✔ 40.00 per class for 8 classes OR pay in full up front (300.00) and save 20.00


Fast Forward Anger Class TSO (4 weeks)

✔ 1, 2- hour class each Thursday evening (7-9pm) for 4 weeks
✔Certificate of Completion awarded after participation in 8 class hours

✔50.00 registration & materials fee paid at registration, then 100.00 per class OR pay in full up front (380.00) and save 20.00

Saturday or Sunday Seminars

✔Offered on selected weekend afternoons (two consecutive weekends)  – Please call to confirm dates

✔ 1, 4- hour classes per afternoon

✔50.00 registration & materials fee at sign-up

✔250.00 per 4-class seminar OR pay in full up front 450.00 (two 4-hour seminars) and save 50.00

Includes snacks and light refreshments.

Certificate of Completion awarded after 2nd session.

Individual Anger/Stress Coaching Classes

Individual coaching is available if you prefer a more private setting which is more custom tailored to your personal situation.
✔Classes scheduled at your convenience

✔ 50.00 registration & materials fee at sign-up

✔ 90.00 per 1-hour coaching class OR pay in full up front 670.00 (8 sessions) and save 50.00

*Our coaching and classes do not involve mental health diagnosis and are confidential (within legal limits). Please inquire if you have any questions.